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A few thoughts on Southern Nevada

Inflection points, favored asset classes, new homes and local challenges
Posted by John McClelland on April 23, 2014 in No Category
Inflection Points For those of you who have lived in or visited Las Vegas in the past few years, the impact of the recession has been quite obvious. For those who have been to Las Vegas recently, there are now some very bright spots in the regional economy that are also obvious. Just several years ago, one could drive down nearly any street in a residential neighborhood and see for-sale signs on at least one home. Things are far different today and while listing inventory is significantly higher than one year ag... read more
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A look at the reported price increases

Median Price, Case-Shiller
Posted by John McClelland on July 03, 2012 in No Category
Home prices due appear to be on a pretty abrubt increase. Constrained supply, combined with continued demand from investors and owner occupants is leading to higher bids. We are beginning to see these same trends manifest in the Case-Shiller indices in the levels, first and second derivatives, as seen below. So we know that in general, prices are on the increase. What we don't know is how sustainable they are if more supply is placed on the market. Recently, new listings have been nearly equivelent to c... read more
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A new entry into the Las Vegas Area

U.S Micro make Las Vegas it's western HQ
Posted by John McClelland on November 04, 2010 in No Category
Movement is occuring in the Las Vegas commercial sector. We are seeing a lot of investor interest in Las Vegas and finally some office absorption. New construction to meet specific end-user needs is seeing some activity too. CoStar reports that U.S Micro, an IT and data security company, is planning to break ground on a new project next month. U.S Micro is expected to bring 100 jobs. That is not huge job growth in a metro this size but every little bit helps. Further, we like to see companies like this make long-te... read more
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A new price index

Hedonic Index
Posted by John McClelland on December 02, 2010 in No Category
FNC,Inc has developed and published a new home price index using a hedonic, rather than repeat sale method. Basically, the hedonic approach uses price as the dependent variable and the characteristics of the homes sold as regressors (ie, home size, age, location, etc.). Essentially this is taking a partial derivative of price with respect to each variable, or characteristic of homes. By employing this method, FNC,Inc hopes to overcome some of the problems associated with repeat sales. One being a sample selectio... read more
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A Simple Take on Home Warranties

Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (CBPR) recently met with American Home Shield to help provide our readers with a general understa
Posted by Jesse Olive on June 30, 2015 in No Category
Coldwell Banker Premier Realty (CBPR) recently met with American Home Shield to help provide our readers with a general understanding of home warranties. Home warranties, from a simplified view, protect homeowners from appliance, HVAC, and plumbing failure. This form of insurance can help protect homeowners from those sudden high-cost breakdowns of your washer and dryer, ductwork, and even electrical issues. Finding your own contractor, let alone a reliable one that will get the job done within a reasonable time... read more
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